Project Scoring


Each year 7th graders have a new challenge. This year’s challenge is to use engineering skills to design and build a device that can protect an egg from a 15 foot (5 meter) drop. Students will use knowledge of Earth's gravity to slow the speed and change the amount of force acting on the egg. Many industries need to ship fragile products with the least amount of packaging and need new design solutions. Students may research designs but must make devices in class with their collaborative group. Each device must meet certain specifications:

  1. The device must be made with less than 50 straws.
  2. The egg must be visible from the outside of the device.
  3. The device may be made using less than 2 yards of tape.

Good Luck Folks! In class each 7th grader will participate in the technological design process to investigate, design, plan, create, and evaluate their design using the MYPIB rubrics for grading. They will also display appropriate attitudes for technology including safety awareness, cooperation, respect for others and personal engagement. The challenge will also be assessed for prizes based on the overall drop score.