STEM Night 2017!

Welcome to STEM Night 2017! If you are interested in presenting this year, email Adrienne McKay at with your set up needs and requirements. All community members are welcome and encouraged to attend!


Our STEM Night is primarily an evening for families and friends of our Totem students and staff to join together and celebrate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Our students will showcase a special engineering project for each grade level. In addition, families will participate in hands-on STEM booths manned by professional and university scientists, student scientists, your students' teachers and Totem family members. There will be food, prizes, and exciting experiments, problem-solving and coding too! Please join us for our 8th annual STEM Night at Totem!

New Standards in Science

Next generation science standards are here. Through a collaborative state-led process, new K-12 science standards have been developed. Totem Science will use the NGSS three major dimensions: Scientific and Engineering processes, cross-cutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas. Currently Totem Middle School's MYPIB curriculum includes life sciences along with engineering, technology and application of science in 6th grade, earth sciences mixed with engineering technology and application of science in 7th grade and physical sciences mixed with engineering technology and application of science for 8th grade. Although the next generation science standards were only official implemented in Federal Way April 2014, we at Totem have been participating in the science and engineering practices for our 9th year this year.

To read more about the next generation science standards, visit

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